Importance Of Showering And Grooming

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Register to read the introduction… When a person has an unkept appearance on the outside, it may mean they have a very unkept mood also (d-6). Showering and grooming are good indications as to a person's inner mood. People who feel worse will typically not take as much care to look nice because do not feel nice. Social withdrawal is when a person would rather stay in and be alone rather than go out and be social (d-4). The real problem when it comes to depression is getting the motivation to go out and be around people even when people are not wanted. If a person wants to be alone that could be an indication they do not want to be seen by others because they feel poorly. Frequent tearfulness can be a sign of sadness (d5). Depression will cause more of a weakened emotional state where normal everyday things can see much more difficult to deal with. Suicide roots to depression and anxiety problems. People with anxiety problems are very likely to have depression because of the constant stress of fear in everything they do.
Purposelessness, hopelessness, and withdraw all indicate a state where a person could be led to suicide (L-1). In society, we all strive to have a sense of purpose, and if we feel we do not belong, depression can take over and coax more drastic behaviors to occur. People with depression lack interest in activities, have excessive anxiety, have sleep and eating disorders, are excessively irritable, and can exhibit behavior changes (d8). Eating disorders and reckless behavior are very common in people with depression and
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Cutting is the most common form of self-mutilation (B-1). Most commonly, teens and young adults resort to cutting themselves as a way to relieve pain. Cutting can be a very minor injury, but if taken too far it is possible to end up in the hospital or dead. Hitting oneself to relieve frustration or anger is also very common (b-2). Though it sounds irrational, some people hit themselves as a way to punish themselves for how they feel. Using heated instruments, bot showers, or lighters are all ways of burning (b-3). Similar to cutting and hitting, burning is also a way to relieve stress and give people the punishment to themselves that they feel they deserve. Self-mutilation is not typically to end the person’s life, but to relieve pain and suffering; unfortunately it can result in death as well (b-4). Mutilation is much more prevalent because anyone can do it with very little planning and minimal impact. 55% of suicides are impulsive, 28% immediate level of impulse, 17% non-impulsive from a study of 478 attempted suicide victims (I-10). This shows that suicides are more often impulsive to some extent. The reason more are impulsive is because when people get a “cool down” time, often they feel different after, and no longer have the rage and want to kill themselves. Granted, there still are planned suicide attempts, which has much planning and involvement that goes into the final

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