Self-Acceptance In College

Very often, we don’t already know or believe that we are enough, so we depend on others to remind us that we are enough. Usually the ones who are also grappling with their own issues of inadequacy will be attracted to you when you are not accepting yourself because you attract who we are being. We would’ve attracted someone insecure to tell us we are not good enough. As has been said before, no one can give you what they don’t have. Cats will never produce chickens and ants will never be attracted to salt. One of the things we need to do is Stop enabling people to disempower us. Empowerment must first find its home in the heart of the sender before being transmitted to others. Any other system of empowerment is faulty and will
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You can’t give what you don’t have. You can’t give the love that you don’t have for yourself. So in fact, even when many of us claim to love someone else so much, from an impoverished state lacking in self-love, what we are really giving is not love. We often give ‘emotional neediness’ and call it love. Some of us even have that ‘emotional neediness’ down to a science. We put it out there like a spotlight in search of a ship to save on the rocky seas of life. We fail to recognize that spotlights usually illuminate performers on a stage living their dreams. The better image for manifesting love is the beacon of the lighthouse that is stationary - a tower emitting its own light from within. It operates from a height of ‘inner’ light that makes itself not just attractive but necessary to the ships passing in the night. Who doesn’t love a lighthouse?

Self Care is doing whatever it takes to regulate your human bodily functions. When you are in self care mode there is a sense that you can operate at a high level of usefulness for a longer period of time. In other words, what you maintain you sustain. Like the engine of a car, if you don’t maintain it you will lose the use of it very quickly. In other words, self care is really the act of maintenance.
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It is really about worthiness. How does that apply interms of what is happening in your life now.

Self sabotage is as a result of the stories or tales that we have. We self sabotage when there is a story we want to keep intact in spite of wanting to have a change in life and a transformation and in spite of wanting to go to a different space or place in our souls. There is a story that we want to keep intact and if we keep it intact we still feel good about ourselves but the story is not necessarily in line with who we say we are. It’s not necessarily a bad story. The story reinforces and represents the way we have constructed our narrative to value and re-value ourselves in the face of difficult times or challenges. The story is the thing which reinforces how we want others to see us. It is a testament and testimony.

When you sabotage your own growth and empowerment it is a signal that the overarching narrative and story of your life will be invalidated by this growth and transformation. Yes you want to grow and yes you want to be transformed, but you don’t want to completely derail the story or narrative that you think has held up your very being all along. Our self sabotage comes as a result of wanting to hold on to a story in spite of wanting to move on to a different level that we know we need to be

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