Importance Of Secondary Research Techniques: The Library And Internet

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In this assignment we are going to read chapter seven, create an MLA citation for the book, and write a thorough summary of the chapter. Going thru this assignment requires to learn how to do Secondary Research Techniques: the library and internet. We will focus on two types of researches: secondary and primary researches. The first one, secondary research is library research, used in your writing when you synthesize, critique, evaluate, or report other writers’ ideas or research to either inform or persuade your audience (135). On the other hand, the primary research, or field research, is what scientists actually do-experiments, surveys, observations, interviews. (Hanson p.135). As an undergraduate we will be most concern about the secondary sources. You want to read carefully and analytically, staying alert to avoid overly biased opinions and distortions of fact said Professor Richard Hanson into his book writing successfully. Reading carefully will help you to point out new worlds, their meaning in the context, and have an overall understanding about the topic. As a …show more content…
The question is, what should you do? It is now time to run to the library for help, librarians and tutors are there waiting on you for free help, and YES I said for free help. All you have to do as a student is to ask one them, from there they will tell you what do. There are many thing you will gain from the library: free help on how to use the school databases to do your homework, books that you can check out to read at home in order to be familiar with your topics, and after writing your prepare you can have a prof reading and suggestions about your topics. Remember, whenever you writing a college paper do not rely on the internet (google) go ask again the librarians if you are confused or lost about what to

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