Essay on Importance Of Religion On Social Scientists

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The importance of religion to social scientists.

Religion is an extremely significant part of study for social scientists. Firstly, religion is one of the elements that connected the races and societies of the living world of life for thousands of years. The spirit of worship or even the rules can differ from one religion to another but broadly they have the same purpose. Secondly, the major religions in the world (apart from Buddhism) have very similar ideas including belief in a higher power. Timothy Fitzgerald, after a number of years teaching in Japan, said in 2000, “My general position in discussing religions is that people are what they believe they are. I am cautious about replacing ‘religion’ with culture”. This essay is going to contain three parts the sociology of Islam, the sociology of Judaism and the religions in the global age.

The great significant task for all social scientists that should be accomplished is to supply the people that would lead the group and the observant public with an understanding based on our existential state of something with regards to its order. Islam had both opened out in a political and religious way after several years of the prophet Mohammed’s death. From North Africa to Southeast Asia and till this day Islam is constantly spreading. In 570CE the last prophet of Islam was born in Mecca and 40 years later he started to spread the Islam by teaching it to his people and friends and family. Islam is a religion which teaches that…

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