Differences Between American And Japanese Culture

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Part One There are many differences between the American and Japanese culture. One must never assume that any one culture is the same, even if the two culture appear similar on the surface. American and Japanese cultures appear similar on the surface. But if one looks any deeper than surface level, it is very easy to see that the two cultures are as different as any two cultures can be. In this section three key differences will be discussed between American and Japanese culture. The author will also discuss barriers of sharing the gospel in the Japanese culture. First, Japan is a collectivist nation (Rogers and Steinfatt, 87). This means that Japanese citizens are group minded. When a decision in is made in Japanese culture there is a great deal of time spent on considering what is best for the group as a whole. This is completely different than the American individualistic mindset. In America there is more of an emphasis put on the induvial. One of the most important ideas in Japanese culture is Harmony (Rogers and Steinfatt, 87). The typical Japanese citizen would go about their day trying to promote harmony …show more content…
Man fell out of relationship with God. I would explain that sin is a willful rebellion from God. I would have to spend a great deal of time on the topic of sin. Sin to the Japanese is a legal matter, not something personal (Japanesedicotnary.info). I would use verses from Jeremiah to explain that sin is a personal rebellion from God and that personal sin matters and is wrong. I would also have to explain the difference between shame and sin. In Japan an individual is not likely to feel like they had done something wrong unless someone saw them doing something wrong. I would then express that God is always present so he knows when we have sinned because he is always with us. I would explain how sin hurts us and makes us focus on shame, not on the honor of

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