Importance Of Reading Comprehension

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Reading skill is a complex skill which has to be taught from earlier education as a second language in our country. English also one of major subject in school. A student should be able to read and understand English to be successful in other subject such as science and math. However, there are various purposes and goals for teaching and learning English. As for reading, there are also various purposes and goals for students to master it. A comprehension text given by the teacher may require students to skim just to find the specific information based on the task given. There are many purposes for reading. From toddler to adults, there are various materials for reading. A novel may be read just for
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Practices make perfect, so as reading skill among students. Reading is a skill that develops only with practice. Fluency and word recognition are certain aspects of reading that can be learn in a few years. These basics must be mastered but at the same time reading comprehension should be emphasized along the process. Students can memorize all the words they read, but it brings no meanings if they don’t have the necessary comprehension skills. They will not be able to make predictions about what happened next, sequence will or characters, clarify confusing parts of the text, monitor their understanding of content, or connect what they’re reading to their own experience or prior knowledge. These are what we need to find in the comprehension text. Without comprehension, reading is simply following and reading words on a page from left to right while sounding them out. The students read them without understanding what it is. The words on the page have no meaning. That’s why reading comprehension skills are so …show more content…
With understanding they are able to complete the task given. So, they will be able to understand and use of all the information they’re exposed to.

1.5.2 BENEFITS FOR THE TEACHERS For the teacher, hopefully this research would help them in understanding the weaknesses of their students in reading comprehension. Thus, help their students to learn and understand the reading comprehension better. The teacher would be able to modify and improve their techniques, methods and approaches in accordance to their students’ ability. Hopefully, they can get their students to master the reading comprehension.

1.5.2 BENEFITS FOR THE SCHOOL The school’s administrator can identify the suitable method to be used in their school’s classroom in accordance the students’ needs and ability. The school would be able to find new ideas to improve their students’ achievements and thus improve overall performance of their students.


This research only applied to 4 Arif only. There are only 35 students in that particular class. The instrument used only pre-test and the post-test. It is hard to evaluate students understanding.


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