Importance Of Punishment For Children Like Adults

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Should Children Be Punished Like Adults? Punishment means imposing a certain consequence to an individual due to a wrongdoing made by that individual. In other words, children who have been physically punished feel that they have paid for their misbehavior. Some people see that the punishment is a small part of the stage of discipline and education. However, many of them consider it as an important way that warns children and allows them to know that their behavior is wrong, and that they have to remember not to repeat it. There are multiple types of punishment, including verbal and physical. However, since there are many different contrasts between kids and adults, punishment must fit the age of the person being punished. Using a certain …show more content…
A childhood that does not consists of violence and sorrow. And to have the freedom to experience their youth away from being suppressed and physically abused. The idea of physical discipline is an ongoing debate. Yet, it is generally believed that children should not be punished like adults because children are not fully aware of the consequences of their actions. Punishments can lead to psychological disorders and emotional neglect.

First of all, it is well known that the majority of children learn the difference between right and wrong through observations. They see models of everyday behaviors through the actions of their families. For instance, if parents are anxious and acted in a certain way, that will be reflected of their child's actions into becoming anxious. In addition, children observe different behaviors on TV by watching cartoons, animated movies, and television serials. Many
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When children are physically abused, they will suffer from fear, nervousness, and loneliness. Physical punishment might come in the form of kicking, punching, or leaving some harmful physical marks due to heavy beating. More or less individuals reflect that it is decent to use ferocity and toughness on children to make them mature and appropriately healthy in order for them overcome the problems they are facing throughout their lives. However, abusing children can weaken the child or the adolescent that might can turn them fragile when it comes to them facing challenges in their future. Based on Beth Morrissey MLIS author of “The Effectuate of Punishment on Children” (2015) declares that punishment is used as a way to reduce the undesired behaviors and it should limit unwanted behaviors. Discipline is anything that reduces the repetition of unwanted performs, and rude practices, however the are infrequently real outcomes. Parenting sometimes requires punishment, however, it becomes a different case when it comes to physical punishments. Corporal punishment is the infliction of physical discomfort on someone condemned from crime. Actually, parents that use physical punishments to discipline their child often enact in the form of spanking or remarkable a child. Child punishment typically mentions to acting dedicated through parenthood on their children, which other members of the society view as

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