Persuasive Essay: Why Hillary Clinton Should Have Been Elected

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Why Hillary Clinton Should Have Been Elected
The politics of the United States have been one of the issues that have been a world focus, and every time US goes to the ballot the world at large follows the proceedings. Recently, American conducted their presidential elections that saw two major candidates compete against each other. Americans desired for a change in leadership that would make progressive changes ranging from climate to health. Certainly, the American citizens demanded a president that would come up with real and long-lasting solutions that would improve the economy, as well as create more job opportunities. As a female president, Hillary Clinton would have represented equality for all and other progressive agendas for the minority globally. Rising from the business world, Donald trump has been a force to reckon with in the business world (Featherstone 41). However, since the time Bill Clinton assumed the president’s
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Besides, her record shows how she has made great achievements in fighting for equality and other fundamental rights of women and girls for decades. In fact, Hillary has advocated for progressive agendas targeting the middle class, such as equal pay and the right to health access. Her record in promoting gender equality and an enhanced social security for women made her an ideal American president (Traister, 20). As a matter of fact, during her tenure as the first lady, Hillary led women’s conference in Beijing to declare that women’s rights are also fundamental human rights. Unfortunately, due to the low turnout in the elections, she was defeated in the Electoral College. However, Hillary had won the popular vote, meaning that some groups such as women and other minorities view her as a qualified candidate for the

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