Importance Of Population Dynamics Essay

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Population dynamics
Without people and species that are present on planet Earth, it is safe to say that cities would not be existent. Therefore is of utter importance that one studies the growth of the human population and its nature. With that being said, the studies and recognition of the various population dynamics should be encompassed in the process of planning of sustainable of cities. This short essay shall discuss the concept of population dynamics and other fragments which are part of it, as well discussing the importance of exploring the population dynamics of a city during the process of the sustainable planning of cities. “A population describes a group of individuals of the same species occupying a specific area at a specific
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They affect consumption, production, employment, income distribution, poverty and social protections, including pensions. They also complicate efforts to ensure universal access to health, education, housing, sanitation, water, food and energy.
Population growth, in particular, places increasing pressures on resources such as water, forests, land and the earth’s atmosphere. This contributes to climate change and challenging environmental sustainability. However, population dynamics do not only affect critical development objectives, they are themselves affected by social, economic and environmental changes.
Population dynamics do not only pose challenges, they also provide important opportunities for more sustainable development. A fall in fertility levels and slower population growth, may lead to an increased concentration of the population in the working age range, which can enable countries to reap a demographic “bonus” and can create an opportunity to improve the economy and consequently encourage

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