Importance Of Politeness

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ABSTRACT This research aims to know the kinds of politeness, address forms, and to analyze the importance of politeness. It was done in Tanah Lot by observing and interviewing methods. There are two positive strategies of politeness used which is proposed by Watts (2003) and the address forms used initial greetings which is proposed by Holmes (2008) by saying their title honorific to make them satisfied.

Key words: Politeness, Address Forms, Initial Greetings.

Politeness is one of the important principles in language use. According to Holmes (2008:281), generally speaking politeness involves taking account of the feelings of others. People have to speak politely and need to pay attention to the social values of society.
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Address forms is a word, phrase, name or title (or some combination of these) used in addressing someone. A form of address may be friendly, unfriendly, or neutral. While the employee is only trying to be polite, the customers often feels that rather being honored and feel old. Ideal customer relationships are more like friendship. When talking to customers, you can never be too polite; however you can be too formal. In this case, the researcher would like to know about the politeness and address forms used by the shop assistants and the customers.
Politeness and address forms cover very wide scope, therefore it is limited to (a) Kinds of politeness and address forms are used by shop assistants and the customers. (b) The important of politeness which used by shop assistants and the customers.
The aims of this study are to explain the kinds of politeness and address forms are used by shop assistants and the customers, and to analyze how important are the politeness by the shop assistants and the
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5.1 Kinds of Politeness and Address Forms

5.1.1 The Kinds of Politeness The kind of politeness based on the interview, is mostly use positive politeness. Positive politeness strategies seek to minimize the threat to the hearer’s positive face. The example in interview presented positive politeness strategies used: Strategy 1: Exaggerate (interest, approval, sympathy)
Example: How amazing, it’s very nice!
Description: The expression: “How amazing, it’s very nice!” These words said by the customers when the second respondent of shop assistant (Made Jack) make handicraft by painting with his hand. Those words were used to illustrate of feature positive politeness output. The customer used this strategy to show their good intention to Made Jack in order to make him feel good. Strategy 2: Notice (his interests, wants, needs, goods)
Example: Could you show the good handcrafts for me, please?
Description: The uses of “could” and “please” are kind of positive politeness. This example also raises the question of what we mean by politeness. The second customer (Alex) used that example when he wanted to buy something with the art vendor. A polite person made other feel comfortable. Therefore, he used that word in order to conduct good feeling with

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