Importance Of Pet Grooming

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What Should The Grooming Session Include?
The Essentials Of A Grooming Session!
Pet grooming can be divided into two categories; sessions that you undertake daily or once every few days and those that involve a more long drawn out process. The lengthy grooming sessions will be needed once every month or few months. As far as every day grooming goes, a round of brushing should be more than enough to prevent coat and skin issues.
If you have a short haired pet, brushing the animal once every few days or once a week will suffice. However, given the longer duration in between each grooming session, it would be best to pay attention to the other grooming needs of the animal such as nail trimming and ear and eye cleaning. Generally, this is what
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Undoubtedly, the brushing needs of each animal will be different, but the constant factor is that brushing makes it easier to keep coat and skin issues away. Plus, it is a surefire way to deal with shedding. Although, you will find breed specific grooming information in the coming chapters, here is a brief look at what is needed:
• For long haired dogs and cats, you will need to brush the coat everyday to prevent tangles and mats.
• For medium-haired breeds, a weekly or biweekly (twice a week) brushing session is a must.
• For short haired felines and canines, you can work with weekly brushing sessions or you can let 1-3 weeks go between two grooming sessions.
Bathing: Next to brushing, bathing is the most important part of maintaining pet health and hygiene. As far as the frequency goes, a variety of factors have to be considered. For instance:
• Long haired animals will have to be bathed more often than short haired pets because bathing is required before hair clipping to get the dirt and debris out of the fur.
• A dog that spends more time outdoors, even if it is in an enclosed yard, will need to be bathed more often than a pooch that is happy with 2-3 walks on a
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However, if you would like to give your pooch a good wash down once every week, there is no harm in doing so. In fact, there are also those pet owners who are only too happy to call their dog or cat into the bathroom every second day for a quick bath.

Hair trimming/cutting: Cats with long hair and canines with continuously growing hair like Shih Tzus and Poodles will need trimming every 2-6 weeks, depending on the style you prefer and hair growth. If you have opted for a simple cut, you won't have too much trouble clipping the animal's hair at home.
Of course, it can be just as easy to maintain a hair style after a professional grooming session, as long as you regularly take off the new growth. For show dogs, you may need to avail professional services and buy a breed specific pet hair styling guide. You will also find a lot of information along with pictures on the internet that will help you to maintain a consistent look.
Ear care: Unless your dog has a chronic ear disease, you can leave this step out till after the bathing session. However, watch out for any kind of odor as this is a tell tale sign of ear infection. Typically, dogs with floppy ears and long hair around and inside the ear will need routine ear

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