Importance Of Parental Involvement In Student Education

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Parent involvement is imperative to the educational foundation of students. Despite this, there continues to be a lack of parental involvement in student education (Aud & KewalRamani 2010). This lack of involvement has a direct impact on student performance inside and outside of academic settings (Aud & KewalRamani 2010). Further, it impacts the development and achievement of students throughout their lives (Aud & KewalRamani 2010). Because of the severity of the impact, educational institutions are searching for methods and strategies in which to improve involvement (Fan and Williams 2010). Research indicates that children learn more when their parents are directly involved in their education (Hoover-Dempsey, Walker, Sandler, Whetsel, …show more content…
Parental involvement has historically improved the educational and learning outcomes of students across the board. Because of this, schools throughout the country have developed policies to form and promote partnerships with parents. Moreover, the academic, emotional and social growth of students is increased through these important partnerships with parents (California Department of Education, 2011). Parental involvement plays a pivotal role in a child 's academic achievement, behavior patterns, and the development of acceptable social …show more content…
These researchers have identified and utilized four indicators to measure student engagement. The engagement indicators are: 1) compliance in school 2) extramural participation 3) interest and enjoyment and 4) inherent and fundamental motivation. The results indicate the following: 1) engagement declined in grades seven and eleven 2) increased engagement in girls 3) the increased academic interest and value of education and learning in African American students and 4) decreased participation in extramural activities and compliance with school rules in African American students (Wang & Eccles, 2012). Parental support and involvement can be interconnected with four indicators. The study found that parental involvement and support significantly impact student engagement more than peer sand instructors. According to the study, students can be positively and negatively impacted by their peers and instructors (Wang & Eccles, 2012).
While parental involvement and its impact on student academic performance has been researched for decades, studies show how parent involvement can indirectly impacts academic achievement through its positive effects (Weiss, Lopez & Stark, 2011). Parental involvement can positively impact student behavior and students’ achievement philosophy. There is a positively correlated relationship between parent involvement and

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