Importance Of Oregano

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While in Earth Clinic, oregano is a good medicine to cure asthma. Asthma is a respiratory condition caused by difficulty in breathing that’s why it results in an allergic reaction. It usually occurs when the airways swell and produce excess mucus. And because of it it can cause asthma attack which can bring you in distress that’s why the anti inflammatory power of oregano can eliminate the causes of asthma and prevent the danger of the respiratory system. According results of 1999 study in Journal of Applied Microbiology, oil of oregano has two compounds : carvacrol or the warm odor of oregano and thymol or the strong flavor to the culinary herb. These two helps to reduce the reproduction of harmful …show more content…
Diabetes is a disease in which the human body unable to produce the enough insulin that can cause elevated levels of glucose in the blood. According to World Health organization, approximately 1.5 million people die because of diabetes. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the incidence of this disease over the last three decades rises 176 % in the years 1980 to 2011. So the people must need to be safer and effective treatment exists. Based on the researchers, they said that the fragrant, and flavorful Mediterranean herb like oregano might hold the key. According to the study of the American Chemical Society and it was published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, oregano to limit the rapid spread of an enzyme, dipeptidyl peptidase IV, which helps to secrete more insulin. Protein tyrosine phosphatase or responsible for the growth of cell which play a role in insulin in signaling which led the researchers to conclude that the herbs could be useful in preventing and treating diabetic people. According to Elvira Gonzalez de Mejia, although some cases of diabetes can be prevent by diet and exercise there still more people who are lack of self- discipline to follow a healthy life style. They have their choice also to buy some anti-diabetic drugs which is costly another thing that there is a possibility that it has negative side effects. That’s why herbs is efficient to use because it offer a safe, natural and cost-effective method of lowering blood glucose. Oregano has a beneficial properties and it is proven that the used of fresh, organic and dried or supermarket version is effective when it comes in lowering the blood sugar. The researchers tested also the effects of natural greenhouse-grown oregano and commercial dried extracts. As a result, they found out that the natural plants of the herbs had the capacity levels of beneficial polyphenols and

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