Getting Older Research Paper

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It is always good to have a relationship with someone older than you. They have the experience and the knowledge to educate you. My brother in-law, Joe, and I have a very close relationship. I think it is because we have so many things in common. Whenever I need advice on something, he is the first person I asked. He is six years older than me and I relate to him more because we are close in age. I am the oldest boy in my family and he is like an “older brother” to me. Anytime I see him, we always talk about sports. The sport that we talk about the most is basketball and it so happens to be that we are not a fan of the same team. Not only it is the same teams, but they are rivals. He is die hard New York Knicks fan and I am huge Boston Celtics fan. So whenever these two …show more content…
I remember him asking me what I want to do when I get older. I did not know at the time and he said by going to college will help figure out what you want to be and it will make more professional. He also told most of the successful people today and all of them went to college. So he really inspired me to do well. For my Birthday, Joe took me to Knick game and we were both sitting courtside. Knicks were playing the Celtics so it was very exciting to see. We were sitting right next to the players and we were talking to the players. The Celtics end up winning but regardless of the outcome I had great time because we both bonded together. It meant a lot to me because we were both seeing of our favorite teams play each other and we were seeing it in person. He also took me to New York Giants game for my birthday. We drove all the way to Philadelphia to see the Giants play the Philadelphia Eagles. We sat in good seats and it was a fun game. It was a different experience than the Knick game. Not only because it was football game, but because we were both rooting for the same team this time. I remember him showing me around Philadelphia because it went to

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