Importance Of Motivation And Organizational Culture

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Register to read the introduction… Management is constantly checking employees to assess their abilities and how they handle different situations in the workplace. Managers also should make sure their employees know that they can come to them anytime to discuss any issues they are having. The key to being a successful manager is to be professional, make sure your employees are happy, positive, and productive. So if a manager sees an employee struggling with something in the workplace or even something outside of work, management should pull that employee aside and try and help them as much as possible. Employees are assets in every organization or company, so it is extremely important that they are always motivated and working to the best of their abilities. For organizations to be able to maintain proficient employees, management can always see if employees are performing the way they are supposed to by using the performance management system. This system is a process of forming performance standards and assessing performance in order to arrive at objective human resources decisions. Ways to use the performance management system is to have an essay written by an employee, which would be used to access the employees writing skills more than their working abilities. There are also other methods to assess an employee’s …show more content…
However, when management does pull Ayame aside to speak with her about her concerns in her position, they should use positive reinforcement and positive feedback. Ayame is more than likely not used to personal criticism, so it would be best for management to approach her in a positive way and complimenting her on what she is doing right and find a way to politely tell her what she needs to do different. If management were to handle Ayame’s beliefs appropriately and professionally, then they can probably get her motivated to do her job correctly so she can start receiving feedback. If it turns out that Ayame and management can find a way for her to keep managing her project without it interfering with her cultural beliefs, and management can make her feel motivated to do her job, then that would be fantastic on management’s

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