Cadet Personal Statement

As a Military Science Instructor, I will challenge, engage and inspire growth of my cadets. I will begin by creating an environment that promotes learning and that welcomes the thoughts and ideas of everyone. It is my belief that every cadet is capable of learning the attributes to become a better leader in the United States Army, if provided with the correct training and guidance. I will constantly engage my cadets on what it takes to become a good leader by implementing stories from my experience that will pull them into the learning experience of being a leader. I believe that it is my job to share my experience with my cadets. I will promote a positive learning environment that will spark cadet’s passion for learning and that will offer …show more content…
I believe that every cadet has their own unique story that can be shared with others if given the opportunity to do so. I will challenge my cadets to share ideas and to learn from one another. I will also encourage learning through group projects, group presentations, and brainstorming sessions. It will be my goal to make sure that every cadet leave my classroom knowing the importance of teamwork and an understanding of what they learned. I will encourage cadets to ask the questions, and to share their experience with peers without being afraid. Furthermore, my cadets will know that I am open to hearing their thoughts and that their opinions matter.
Most importantly, I realize that every cadet learn differently. For this reason, I will incorporate methods that can cater to different types of learners. Additionally, I will use technology as another instructional resource in the classroom. Because cadets are so interested in technology, it is a great way to connect learning with their daily lives. In addition, I will use student centered learning approach that will encourage cadets to take ownership of their learning. I will provide every cadet with the necessary knowledge to become an effective
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In my class cadets will be required to analyze, apply, and test knowledge based on previous learning. We will use Bloom’s Taxonomy because it will help to increase our understanding of the educational process. Also, it will allow us to see how lower-level skills build into a higher level order of thinking. The model will help to rank teaching material and allow us to arrange lessons plans to capitalize on class time. For example, we will make sure that lower level skills are developed before introducing the higher level skills. Additionally, Problem Solving Exercises, Hands on Evaluations, Acronyms, and Leadership Labs is another way that we would influence higher levels of

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