Importance Of Marriage And Commitment For Young People Today

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Importance of Marriage and Commitment for Young People Today Modern society and media tend to display more unfaithfulness and unhappiness when it comes to marriage. Unfortunately, because of the spreading idea frivolous relationships, younger generations take marriages for granted, believing they can just get out of a marriage through divorce or that marriages are not important or necessary. Although many people fear life-long commitments and may not see the point of such a strong devotion to someone else, young people should not be afraid of marriage, because they need to learn to become responsible in order to create lasting, healthy relationships between their partner and their family. Among the responsibilities young people need to face, …show more content…
One aspect of marriage young people do not always pay attention to is the effect parents have on their children. While it may not seem like a connection is present, the marital status of two parents does seem to affect the health of their children. Kammi K. Schmeer, a professor from Ohio State University, says that children with cohabiting parents are not likely to have good health, because the parents’ fidelity towards their children is not that strong compared to married parents (190). She says that “it may be that cohabiting fathers provided less time and commitment needed to protect children’s health or that cohabiting parental relationships produced more stressful environments with consequences for children’s health status” (Schmeer 190). Since the relationship between the parents seems to lack an undying loyalty to each other, the parents seem to neglect paying full attention to their own children’s needs, which would result in a decrease in the kids’ health. In an official marriage with true commitment, there is a stronger attachment for the parents to the children, which would cause the parents to put more effort into caring for their offspring. The parents truly view their children as their own and an important part of their

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