Managerial Skills Analysis

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This essay discusses the skills required by managers in the 21st century and how these skills like code switching, human, planning skill help them to meet organizational goals. It explains how managers should maintain a positive relationship with their employees. It gives an example of HID Company, DGL International company to explain how can managers can achieve organization goal by planning, organizing, leading and controlling. This essay also gives example of , Abrahams Grocery to explain sometimes the manager are restricted to undertake the certain task due to the rules and hierarchy formed by higher management.

Samson states that management is setting an organization goal in an efficient and effective way through planning, organizing,
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Through technical skill manager have ample knowledge about working rules and procedures, it becomes easy to make employees work systematically and instruct them. So, the manager should have ample knowledge of machinery, equipment, working process and procedures. Another important skill needed to manager is human skill which include ability to work together with men, cooperative effort, team work, conflict management, coordination, leadership, etc. these reason create feeling of security and an easy environment for expression of it is necessary to develop human skill. Similarly, necessary as well as important skill of manager is conceptual skill. the manager should have ability to identify important elements in certain situation and get knowledge of their relationship. Ability to assess the past, present and future of the organization skill is required. Manager should be able to identify problem, address them, collect information, analyze, make plans, policies, etc independently, the manager need conceptual skill. Through the combination of these different skills it will be easy to obtain the organizational goals.(Rey ross 1991) (Samson and Draft …show more content…
Managers in 21st century should have skills like code switching between cultures, Wielding digital influence, and skill of innovation, communication skills etc., which help them to plan and control organization to achieve its goal. Managers should maintain positive relationship between their employees by working as a team and maintaining good communication with them. Manager can master the management concept of planning, organizing, leading and controlling when they acquire the management skills. From example of HID Company, DGL INTERNATIONAL it can be clarified that managers can analyze, interpret and. make strategy based on the surveys and thoughts of their employees. Sometimes the manager can also be powerless to perform tasks and planning due to restriction of rules and regulations. As a overall conclusion it can be stated that these concepts, skills and example help manager to control, organize and lead organization towards its

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