Student Failure

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Looking bake over my life as a student I have had success and failures and although I was never what I would consider a bad student I have had many struggles in my schooling career. One of the reasons that I am taking this class is to improve myself as a student!. In my youth I felt that I was a pretty smart student. I never had to work very hard to get an A or a passing grade all through my elementary education and reaching in to my junior high years. Because I was a smart student and never really had to work hard for good grades. I fell in to some bad habits and I started to slack of, I stopped focusing in class and became a professional procrastinator. these were the habits that I carried on with me to High School. Everything was moving …show more content…
reflecting on those difficult times in my life I realize that what kept me going was a goal. In my 6 grade year in school we came down to BYU for a class field trip and from that point on I have known this school was where I belonged and getting in to BYU was that goal that kept me going for those difficult years in my life! This story also makes a perfect transition in to my next subject. The areas that I would Like to improve on or the areas that I know I need work in. The story above actually references one of the problems that I am having. before although high school no matter how hard things got I had a goal or a vision to press toward. Now I have achieved that and I have no Idea what I want My next vision to be. I guess another way of saying it is that I feel little lost and am not sure where to go next! I am working hard and I know that my work is helping me become a more capable person, however I am not sure where that work is leading me and I want to have a clear direction in my college …show more content…
I have learned how to work hard and I could study for hours on end now, however I don’t think that would be healthy physically or mentally, and definitely not socially. I want to learn how to study in a way that I can get things to stick inside my head more quickly and in a way that I will know how I can apply what I learned to my life. in short I want to learn how to learn better! Lastly one of my biggest weaknesses has been my confidence in myself and in the work that I do. I have always been quiet in class and have not participated near as much as I should have just because of my lack of confidence in myself and in my work. While working through depression with professionals I somewhat gain my confidence back. Now I feel that as I learn how to be a better student I can grow in confidence and be able to participate more fully in classes and in other activities. This is my past and these are the things that I would like to improve on. Although my past was hard I know that with the help of our Lord all things can be overcome and I have started to overcome some of the big trials in my life. Now I hope that through this class I can continue to change and become more of the student I want to be, but more

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