My Overview On My Current Business Leadership Skills

I think that the test was a good overview on my current business leadership skills. I feel good about the test. It helped me to see that I have some very good skills to build on. It also helped me to gain some perspective and framework for my confidence levels, which need work. I learned that I still have work to do on a personal level in order to become a more effective leader. (Bethel University, 2014)

My weaknesses were math and self-esteem, which have been an on-going battle all of my life. Math requires use of a particular part of the brain. I think I am just hardwired differently and it took me a long time to accept it and not beat myself up over it. Pertaining to my self-esteem, how I was raised and having five older brothers and sister
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I recently watched a movie about a young woman who was blind and deaf. Her communication was very limited and as a result how this young woman interacted with life was also very limited. When we use solid communications skills we make interacting with all aspects of our lives …show more content…
I think that I will develop a frame for my writing and then do my research in a more specific area. Also, I set my writing aside for a while. Depending on what it is, it could be a day or weeks. So I can look at it with fresh eyes. I often read what I wrote out loud. This may sound silly, but when I stop to breath that phrase should either support a comma or a period. (Bethel University, 2014)

The benefits of solid communication skills, pertaining to writing are critical especially in dealing with critical information and coordinating resources. It makes all of the difference in world; in some instances, it is a matter of life and death. It means having 100,000 bottles of clean drinking water or only the instance if you do not double check and only ordered 1,000 bottles of clean drinking water, it can cause direct physical harm. Solid communication skills are a very critical and important not only to ourselves but will impact others also.

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