Importance Of Lodging Management In Hospitality

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The facility management in the hospitality industry always reminds us that most of the businesses are utilize some sort of accommodation. The concept of the lodging management is all related to the hotel and related sectors, in which some sort of the semi- private area is rented to customer from seller for specific period of time.

In the hospitality organisations, the effective skills required for the lodging management are as follows-

1. Front Desk: It includes Bell Captains, the Concierge Desk, Night Audit and Reservations.
2. Housekeeping Management: It includes the cleaning of the public and private areas, though kitchen is not included in the process of housekeeping cleaning but the head chef of the kitchen is responsible for it.
3. Maintenance department, revenue department, safety and security area are the separate department in the organisation.
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Assured front office roles (reservation), maiantence and security. In hospitality these functions may be outsourced – particularly in relation to maintance, small operations and security.

In the hospitality businesses, there is a risk that hotels are not providing visitor room lodging facilities (particularly in food and beverage production), not much importance is given to these roles that causes harms or damages or losses in the terms of health and hygiene, pleasure and knowledge and functional effectiveness. Therefore, it is realistic for an organisation to have an outline of the both housekeeping and the dusting related tasks and also the transparent standard procedures for confirming the situational method via the businesses. The entry criteria for the hospitality businesses excluding customer accommodation facilities. The previous research studies demonstrated that the facilities management approach considers as the worth function of lodging

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