Importance Of Joint Account

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I agree with your post. It is very critical to establish a good financial standpoint in any area of your life but especially in your marriage when choices and decisions no longer only affect your but you have to also consider your spouse, and present and future decisions as well.

I like that you deemed it necessary to separate your accounts. To me, that is a very strategic decision to make and one that could cause much controversy in a marriage. In my opinion, separate accounts sometimes show that you want to ensure you will remain financially stable and able to ensure you have the necessary priorities taken care of. Sometimes, I believe some spouses believe you are trying to hide various aspects of your money when you opt to have separated
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However, I believe that strategically it would benefit you and your wife to have separate accounts in which to continue to pay your split expenses from. Therefore, anything that is left in your personal accounts is you all’s individual choice to use how you see fit or set aside an amount that could be used on spending. So, all in all a joint account can still be utilized for savings and emergencies but also set up personal accounts for your personal finances to pay your bills …show more content…
However, joint accounts and money is a very strategic decision that can cause a lot friction and a decision that truly has to be decided upon amongst you and her. Furthermore, both have to be able to see the benefits of having a joint account or not having one. In your case, I believe your strategy worked to help your wife see that others things can be achieved that would benefit the both of you when you are able to save and take care of priorities. Essentially, you and your wife still operate as a unit however you all have decided to pay certain bills amongst yourselves through your personal accounts. I think this is a great

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