Importance Of Individual Rights In India

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Individual Rights in India has always been a joke. Thanks to the socialist mindset and centuries of cultural dogmatism; based on such beliefs. Beliefs based on altruism, mystical moralities of right and wrong, unquestionable duties towards society etc; we lost to value our own self esteem and self respect. We somehow started having a guilty conscious for having opposite views than these.

In India; like any government in the world; regardless of the political party in power, disregards individual rights. To make matters worse the governed individual believes that its okay for the government to take away their rights for higher good and well being of society. In this ignis fatuus they forget that the society consists of individuals. Individuals
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The concept of rights begins with self ownership. We own ourselves and thus for fulfillment of our life and growth; we need freedom to make choices. We are responsible for our actions and its us who have to face consequences of our actions. Our freedom however has limits. Our freedom doesn 't allow us to impose our wish and will over others by the use or threat of force or violence or by fraud. Our freedom doesn 't allow us to take away other rights and liberties. It is therefore acceptable if murder is banned, rape is banned, war is banned, fraud is banned and other such crimes. Banning such crimes don 't stop criminals from committing crimes. So what purpose does bans serve besides harassing us law abiding peaceful men? There is no freedom from facing the consequences of committing crime and fraud. Criminals should be tried in a court of law and do justice for the victims of crime. The governmental action should ideally be to provide justice and protection for us. The government itself is not above the laws of morality and ethics. It too cannot violate rights of others. But in reality they do and have always done so. To safeguard our freedom and to be responsible for our lives we must be prepared to defend ourselves. Disobeying bad immoral laws are absolutely virtuous thing to

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