Long Term Goals Essay

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Goals Immediate /short-term goals. A goal I have set for myself within the next 6 months is to volunteer at a hospital. I have been so focused on school that I forgot the importance of gaining professional experience. As a person with no experience at all, volunteering is the first step. After some research, most of volunteer applications require letters of recommendation. So with that being said, another goal of mine is to find a mentor to guide me. I’m not originally from Orlando and many of the contacts I have are from South Florida. So finding a mentor at school would really be helpful. Medium-term goals. Graduating from University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration is a goal that I want to accomplish within these next few years. Being a first generation student to ever attend college is a biggest achievement of mine, and …show more content…
I know for a fact I will not get a high level position, especially since I have no medical experience, but having an entry level position to work my way up is fine with me. Long –term goals. Graduate school is one of the few goals I have in mind to accomplish within the next ten years. After getting years of professional experience within my field, I would like to go back and get my Masters degree in Health Services Administration. With a Masters degree I would no longer be stuck at an entry level and will be able to move up into a higher position with a better pay. I’m not sure yet what higher position I would like to do but that’s the goal. Ultimate career goals. The ultimate goal of mine is to become a Health Services Manager at a physician’s office. With all the background experience from working at a hospital, I believe that it will help me achieve this goal. I also want to create an environment where other professionals are excited to come to work and be successful at what they do.

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