Best Places To Celebrate Halloween

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Best places to celebrate Halloween in the World:
Halloween is the festival of celebrating the freewheeling spirit and becoming the part of some spooky rituals. With trick- or-treating and costume and theme parties are the main attractions of the Halloween, there are some places around the World to be to experience nerve-wracking fear of the Halloween at the very best.
From Dracula's Castle in Romania to the streets of Oaxaca, here are the most haunted and creepiest tourist spots to visit on Halloween.

Derry, Northern Ireland
Ireland is the place where Halloween took birth. At that time it was celebrated as Samhain festival, which marks the end of the harvest season, the time when dead reunite with the living and visit their old homes. To keep the old spirit of the medieval Samhain festival alive and well intact, Derry City has the best things to offer when it comes to Halloween. The Banks of the Floyle Halloween Carnival is the place to
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If you want to scare the hell out of yourself then Dungeon is the place to be. Experience interactive faceoff with the one of most notorious murder, Jack the Ripper. Take the ghost walks through the city on the Halloween’s night. Visit the site of Sir William Wallace’s execution and the churchyard haunted by Queen Isabella.
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
New Orleans has the reputation of the most haunted City in the America and known for its famous cemeteries, which makes it one of the best places to celebrate the Halloween. New Orleans provides the ultimate experience of haunted and paranormal tours. The biggest Halloween parties are held on Frenchmen Street, where tourist and locals turned up in costumes. The Halloween’s celebration in the New Orleans includes annual Halloween parade, Voodoo Music, art exhibitions, haunted houses tours and activities at the zoo. If you want to part of best Halloween celebrations, you simply need to visit New Orleans.

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