The Importance Of Abrahamic Religions In The United States

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The act of celebration of the feast begins with a prayer for Eid early in the morning and then slaughtered (given to God) sacrifice. Mostly it is a ram or sheep. Before killing they are telling a prayer. The meat is shared with friends and neighbors, the poor, and some of them left for the family.
The goal of Islamic ethics is to teach people how to live their life in happiness. The happiness of man depends on the brotherhood among people and peace on earth. It is, therefore, important for a man to be good, to help other people and to live in peace with all.
Islam teaches that man is obliged to require knowledge of any kind. The first word that comes down from the Quran is "Read". The application of knowledge should be performed during the
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On the other hand, it is necessary to foster a sense of love and respect for all people. Thus, Islamic moral teaching commands Muslims to wish for his brother what he wishes for himself. According to Islamic teaching, should be done all that is good and what is in personal and social benefit.
Judeo-Christian groups are very popular in the USA. Its concept is ethical and becomes part of American civil religion. There is present an attempt to include Islam as well, and it is called Abrahamic religions. Judeo-Christian is a term for Jewish converted to Christianity. The Christian Old Testament is a Jewish scripture and it is used to teach the moral and spiritual material, which is very similar to the Islamic moral teaching. The advocates of the “Abrahamic religion” movement consider it as a spiritual bond between everyone, Jews, Christians and Muslims (Hughes,
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It is one of the main factors in the area of morality. Whether you do good or evil, will endure on a good way or because of apathy or something else, you give it up and succumb - depends on us, on our will. Therefore, the will become a very important factor in the education and moral achievements. Without will nothing can, and with it will increasingly become mainstream. Islam paid special attention to the education of the human will. The human will and the obligation to preserve health is very important in nursing. Therefore, Islam can be used in performing nursing because it is teaching its believers to be physically and mentally healthy and to have will do live a healthy

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