Importance Of English In Pakistan Essay

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Language other than being a means for communication is an instrument of thinking. It is our capacity to convey through words that make human beings different from other creatures. Without language man would not have survived. Since linguistics is the study of language, it is basic for a linguist to comprehend what language is. Language is an exceptionally unpredictable human phenomenon; all attempts to characterize it, have proved insufficient. More or less, language is an ‘organized noise’ used for social circumstances.
Importance of English in Pakistan, keeping in mind the fact that English is the international language. It is essential to learn English if one has to cope-up with the developing countries. English language is used on daily
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Pakistan’s education policy has evolved since freedom in 1947. But the educational policy of using English and Urdu together stayed throughout. In Pakistan English is taken only as an examination subject. It is perceived as the essential function of teaching English in schools, in Pakistan, is to prepare students to take the exam. Passing examinations in English then opens ways to larger amounts of learning and to business opportunities. English is critical for social portability and entrance to quality training. English is also important for admission to government organizations but unluckily there is no debate on the language which one may require to speak with and serve people especially outside the major cities – English actually has no functional value. The common individuals of the society don't utilize English. Even English instructors in rural areas frequently use the mother tongue of the learners instead of the target …show more content…
The difficulty with the term 'ELL' is that in most classrooms everyone, regardless of their linguistic backgrounds, is learning English." In order to learn this language one has to get totally absorbed into it. Hanging out with people who speak English and also by watching English movies increases the vocabulary power. Thus, this language plays a vital role in enhancing the overall personality of a person. There are differences of opinion over the question of whether or not to use the students' mother tongue in the classroom. There are many ways through which teachers use mother tongue of the learner. Over using the mother tongue can discourage the learners to speak in the target

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