Importance Of E Learning On The Digital Age Essay

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Importance of E-Learning in the Digital Age
Change has become the order of the day. To keep pace with our ever changing fast paced lifestyles we are compelled to adopt and turn to other learning systems. As with everything else education in the current era, is taking on a new form – moving from traditional learning patterns to a technology driven e model taking advantage of the technological advances in the digital era.
Nature and Characteristics of E-learning
Availability of Internet in every home has seen learning become more web-oriented. The modern day digital formats of study modules being learner-centric have found a wide base of acceptance. E-Learning is fast becoming the favoured option for home study support as it combines the fields of:
• Technology-delivered instruction
• online learning,
• web-based training, and
• Distance learning.
Factors Contributing to the Importance of E-Learning
E-Learning content is designed keeping in mind the individual’s learning ability, the individual 's requirement and convenience.
The convergence of learning and the Internet has facilitated the growth of an individualized, comprehensive in nature, dynamic learning content in real time.
Factors that contribute to making e-learning the preferred choice for self-learning by a majority of youngsters are:
• Courses designed according to individual requirement and convenience.
• flexible and modular in nature
• Can be accessed from anywhere, providing all time study support.

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