Importance Of Drama In Education

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The application of drama in education helps young people to develop insights and understanding through searching, planning, shaping and presenting dramatic material that can be one of the thrilling events in school life. The responsibility of teaching and learning across the curriculum should be shared by both children and teachers, it is important to allow young people to accept responsibility for their own learning.
According to Gavin Bolton, drama in education is a thought in action, its purpose is the creation of meaning, and its medium is the interaction between two contexts. The first one is imaginary context constructed by creating a dramatic world bound in space and time, and a world dependent on the consensus of its existence. The
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When children assume a role, they play a part as if they are somebody else in a specific situation. A play means that a role is taken on in a safe environment where children can be seen as inventive and playful as possible. The technique of the role play is emboding a character or a type and reflecting this character’s thoughts and feelings. It provides the children or participants with the opportunity to voice their ideas through the mask of a role. It is useful for helping children with social difficulties. Using this technique in a learning environment has a huge benefit such as using and enhancing children’s imaginative skills, experiencing what is like to be someone else; understanding why some people behave differently to others and seeing things from another point of view or perspective.
Improvisation – is primarily made up of dramatic activity, as well as a main technique used in drama. Improvisation is a thing which cannot be for seen or anticipated. The meaning of improvisation is basically the same in every field; it is the process of spontaneous creation. In drama, improvisation is defined as exploring unanticipated issues and events spontaneously. The activity is enjoyable and meaningful and does not threaten the children’s personality and this technique is used across the structured dramatic episodes, to explore issues and solve
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The teachers are responsible to choose a suitable content that is relevant for drama in schools and curricular goals or objectives using the method of drama. When the content has been decided, the teacher plays a vital role in terms of providing an instructional information and knowledge on how the process of drama should be done. The teacher should instruct learners maybe not use rude and offensive words not depict the act of sexual harassment in a role play and dramatic features are also addressed. The suitability of content for drama considering appropriate age where the drama will not be boring, and the aims and goals will be achievable through the method of drama. The environment should be suitable and comfortable for learners to get a free space for

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