How Do Dogs Save People's Life

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Late September night, John Green suffered a fatal heart attack; rescue dog Sheba, awoke a nearby family member to alert him that John was in trouble. Sheba possibly saved John’s life by being such an excellent pet. There are hundreds of other stories where dogs have saved their owners’ lives. Dogs can not only save a person’s life, but dogs also have countless tremendous attributes. Owning a dog can make people feel like they are never alone, can help people live their lives, and can fill people with euphoria. When a person has a dog as a pet, that person can honestly say he or she is never lonely. Some people live by themselves; often times they will feel withdrawn and alone. Having a dog can easily fix the problem of being solitary. Dogs can act like security alarms and will bark at …show more content…
Often time’s people pass through hardships such as losing a loved one, receiving a divorce, or even losing a job; these hardships usually bring depression to a person. Owning a dog will have the effect of diminishing depression. Having a dog will cheer owners up because the dog will be there emotionally for them. Dogs have extraordinary senses; they can usually tell when a person is angry or sad, and will often try to amuse their owners by showing affection. There are numerous ways a dog will try to show his affection: tail wagging, face licking, and undying love are just some ways dogs show their affection. Dogs always admire their owners, and often seek their owner’s approval and guidance. Doing so will provide a person with a significant sense of purpose in life and can make a person feel useful again. Dogs are exceptionally loyal; they will always look for their owner and love their owner unconditionally. Having this amount of loyalty from a dog can bring so much happiness to a person. Since people usually don’t receive a massive amount of loyalty from other people, it can be refreshing to receive it from a

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