Importance Of Diversity In Schools

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Register to read the introduction… Diversity represents the uniqueness of individuals based on a variety of other factors. A lack of diversity in an academic environment would create ethnocentricity, the idea that your own ethnic group is superior to someone else 's. Diversity creates a willful understanding of demographics in relation to age, ethnicity, race, gender, language and culture, sexual orientation and a lot of other differences that make one different. The classroom represents the setting for which students develop the practice of critical thinking, challenging their own views against others and discovering that diversity creates an environment where together, everyone achieves more in the interest of unification through diversity. Without diversity, we would have a learning environment segregated by race, wealth, disabling conditions and language barriers. Diversity in an educational setting instills respect among cultures, challenges student 's abilities, and bridges the gap of disagreement among cultures simply because we are …show more content…
Diversity is necessary in an educational setting because it allows students to seek opportunities to become more inclusive, competitive, and attentive to creating an educational environment that produces an enriching and positive experience for students as they learn and grow from their classroom experiences with others. Diversity is crucial because "without it", educational institutions would fail to provide an educational experience geared towards creating a better society.

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