Importance Of Curriculum Evaluation Tools

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Most people think of a textbook when they hear the work curriculum. Curriculum is a scope and sequence of skills and concepts in which one lesson builds upon another. In the Curriculum Evaluation Tool above, the planning a design portion covers the content that is taught, the standards aligned to the content, the districts mission statement and learning theory and scientifically based researched material in designing the curriculum. According to Wiggins and McTighe, 2007, “until we grasp the idea that curriculum has no coherence or power divorced from vital accomplishments related to transfer and meaning, we will not avoid aimless coverage of content objectives” (p.44). Related to the evaluation tool, the inclusion of the districts mission …show more content…
This evaluation tool is successful in evaluating a district’s curriculum for professional development, resources, administration support and teaching methods and strategies. Areas of focus in this tool are looking at the curriculum to see if it has suggestions for grouping, fact practice, open-ended questions and use of games. The tool also identifies exploration activities and hands on activities. These strategies when utilized within the course will meet objectives and standards of the curriculum. Another component of the curriculum tool is evaluation. There are two areas of evaluations that are looked at in this tool, one is the district with regards to making yearly progress, and the other is assessment of the students. How is student mastery measured? The tool requires the curriculum to include, assessments throughout the course, including midway and end assessments. The curriculum should include both formative and summative assessments. In addition, clear directions for the administration of the assessments should be

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