Ethical Issues In Counseling

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Four Counseling Issues Most counselors at some point in their career will face difficult issues. Those difficult issues can force a counselor to examine his or her ethics, and morals. Knowing where a counselor stands, and being self-aware will be important as those issues arise. The four counseling issues that will be discussed are Domestic Violence and Children, Mandated Clients, Same-Sex Adoptions, and Right-to-Die issues. Also, to be discussed are the state/region laws that apply to the ethical challenges listed.
Working with Children of Domestic Violence Domestic Violence has become a global societal issue. It does not discriminate. Often the survivor has lost all hope of ever leaving his or her domestic violence situation. With the
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I complete this course with an enhanced level of self-awareness. My understanding of ethics and values has it relates to counseling has increased as well. The assignment forced me to think outside of the box. To consider the less obvious in many situations. As I considered the less obvious, it brought me back to my ethical value system. Overall this assignment speaks to the importance of ethics, values and counseling. It also means that I have a stronger comprehension of ethics, and values regarding counseling. Although I am not an expert on these issues, my perception is sharpened. Moving forward, when I begin to counsel, I will be aware of the types of situations that may impact my values and ethics. It revolves around self-awareness and an ability to recognize if a counseling issues has the potential to interfere with your value and ethics system.
Ethics and Law for Social
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As a counselor delving into the field of counseling will require me to be objective, empathic, compassionate and understanding. How I determine to adhere to the ethics and law for professional counseling practice may have a positive impact on social change. Through education, internships, and the passion, I have a heighten awareness of the social issues that are most concerning to me. Armed with knowledge, education, and desire, I plan to be able to influence social change one step at a time through my work with children of domestic violence.
I hope to effect social change through practice, acquiring the necessary tools, education, diversity, the coming together of like minds and an ability to recognize the needs of social change. When working collaboratively with diverse cultures, students, and colleagues, social change can be effective. It is a core belief at Walden University that educational institutions play an important role in supporting positive social change (Walden University,

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