Importance Of Communication In Workplace

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-Trying to be nice: This is the most important step. No matter who you are, if you are nice, the only reason a person can dislike you is if they are jealous of you. Never be rude to people. If someone is being unkind to you, try to imagine what might be causing him or her to act this way. Maybe they are going through a really difficult situation in their life and in reality they are a very good person. Try to assume the best in people. You don’t have to be naïve and it’s okay to remain skeptical, but that doesn’t mean you ever have an excuse to treat anyone poorly.
-Remaining cool, calm and collected: You always have to remember to keep your cool. This will earn you an enormous amount of respects, especially if you keep calm in situations where everyone else panics. Just try to take
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There are different ways of communication in this universe. Mainly verbal and non-verbal communication. The more we grow the more we become cautious about our environment and right set of communication tools. In workplace verbal communication and non verbal cues both are equally important. There are hundreds of rules in the society. In workplace, there are set of rules for communication also. But there is always a scope to improve. Few ways of interaction to create manageable environment in workplace are :
-Seek ways to grow, stretch and change: Sometimes we tend to think that our view is the correct one, because it’s all we know. But there are many sources of knowledge that exist within the workplace and all we have to do is take the time to explore them. Learn about that new co-worker or have lunch with someone in another department.
-Look for opportunities to connect with and support others: When we interact with others in the workplace, it’s easier to conquer our differences by finding ways to connect first. Does that co-worker with the different political beliefs also value family as much as you? This allows you to create a connection with the person based on

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