What Is The Importance Of Respect

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Respect… just think about it for a minute and ask yourself what it means for you. The dictionary defines respect as an act of giving particular attention or high regard. I believe that respect is so valuable to us today and for any generation. I want to talk about kinds of respect.
First of all, respect yourself. That is the start. It is like a foundation for future house where house is the world. In order to honor someone, you must first respect oneself. “ Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy,” by Robert Tew. My friend, Anna, followed that quote and left her zone of comfort when everything reached its peak. She used to be unconfident and was afraid of something new. Lacking
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Kids do not always understand the meaning of this word and as a result have trouble forming relationship. Children forget to esteem each others and that’s why we are familiar with words such as bullying and punishment. Children hurt someone weaker and keep laughing at him and torturing. How many kids grow up without confidence and afraid of life because of this? The reason is they were bullied at school and they suffered from peer pressure. If they would know something about respect and would keep that rule, we would never have problem like that now. Respecting your peers and teachers is so important for us and our …show more content…
Once my friend destroyed someone’s mailbox. Dan was so proud of it and thought that it was something that everyone would be excited to know. My another friend and I decided to teach Dan how to respect property. We knew that it wasn’t a lot of things that would make him feel bad if he would find any damage on it. However, his car was the world for him. So, we found a special pen and drew a few fake scratches on his truck to make him worry. When he saw the car, he was just pissed off and could not control himself. It probably was the first time when I saw him like that. It was like when you take the favorite toy from kid hands away and a child just starts acting insane because of plaything that he just lost. The similar situation was with Dan. He was so upset and idiom. We did not keep an intrigue so long and just told him that his car was fine, it was fake scratches. Then we

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