Essay about Importance Of Communication And Trust Within Virtual Teams

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Since the beginning of EMBA 8011 - Leading Effective Global Teams, I’ve learned a lot about the importance of communication and trust within virtual teams. In today’s global business environment, communication is an integral element of success when leading teams around the globe. Effective communication has been connected with important results, such as increased trust, commitment to the workgroup and association, shared skills, and ultimately improved performance. Organizational functioning is reliant upon the communicative connections among people inside an organization on the grounds that these connections encourage the spread of critical information and expertise that empowers high-performance (Ferrell, & Herb, 2012). While virtual teams can be highly effective and can actually outperform traditional co-located groups, the success, and effectiveness of virtual teams are much more sensitive depending on how the team is managed.
This document will focus on my reflection of the material discussed in lesson 1 and 2 regarding the importance of trust and effective communication in virtual teams.
Virtual Teams
In recent years, organizations have progressively turned to virtual teams as a method for interfacing and connecting with geologically scattered specialists, bringing down the expenses connected with worldwide cooperation, and empowering more noteworthy pace and versatility (Heller, Laurito, Johnson, Martin, Fitzpatrick, & Sundin, 2010). A virtual team is a…

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