Tire Maintenance

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Owning a car comes with certain responsibilities, & one of the biggest challenge is to see to it that the car always performs according to its full potential. Extracting the maximum from our vehicle depends upon certain factors. Well, you must be thinking about maintenace. Thats right, maintenance plays a crucial role in the way our car performs on the road. When anyone talks about maintenance, the first thing that comes to our mind is the engine. No doubt engine maintenance is a vital aspect in any car.

However, we must remember that all the components in a car are intricately related to each other. And we can't escape the reality that looking after a single part will not guarantee our car's performance. Have you ever considered maintenance of your tires. Sounds surprising, but the tires face the brunt of rough driving & harsh terrain. Our vehicle's performance also significantly depends upon the condition of the tires. Let us look at some of the factors which play a vital role in the maintenance of car tires.

Don't ignore tire rotation
Tire rotation is one of the best way to maintain the tires. Here the tires are changed from one position to another to ensure equal wear & tear. In cars typically the front tires bear more load than the back tires, and tend
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An properly expanded tire protects against tire damage & decreases the possibility of the car spinning out of control. Moreover driving with low pressure in tires, significantly affects the fuel economy of the vehicle. It is always recommended to check the tire pressure at least every month, sometimes dependimg upon the terrain on which you drive you have to constantly keep an eye on your pressure level in the tires. Always ensure that there is adequate pressure in the tires before setting out on a long journey. Furthermore, the owners manual gives all the information regarding the tire pressure to be maintained for the

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