Importance Of Becoming A Pharmacist

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Entering college you have to come up with a game plan, and choosing a career is your life plan. Growing up around sickly grandparents, my little cousin and two uncles all passed from cancer so I know the importance of healthcare. I have always had aspirations of being a healthcare provider so I never questioned the path I was taking. Becoming a Pharmacist is my dream job to provide medication to relieve people from the stress and pain they have. Pharmacists are healthcare professionals who practice the field of health sciences focusing on safe and effective medication use. –Wiki. My senior year in high school I was in the medical academy and I took up pharmacy. I absolutely loved the experience, I liked being face to face with people’s problems and helping them fix it. FAMU school of pharmacy is a 6 year program, when I finish I will have a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences. Throughout the course I will have to learn business management, professional ethics, and health concepts. The required classes I will take are bio pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmacy law, and pharmaceutics. “All states in the US license pharmacists. While each state has its own requirements, all applicants must pass the North American Pharmacist Exam which the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) administers. Most …show more content…
There are also people called pharmaceutical chemists that make the drugs and work in laboratories. On average Pharmacists make six-figure salaries of $108,000 annually. Overall Pharmacists stretch from $84,000 on the lower end to $133,000. OF course your earnings are based on you geographic location followed by years of experience. Making advances in your career causes your salary to climb. Additional training could be required such as becoming the Pharmacy director they get paid almost 15,000 more than a regular retail pharmacists with years of

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