Essay about Importance Of Beauty And Its Effect On Our Lives

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If you were made to sit in front of the TV and count how many ads that mentioned beauty or anything to do with appearance you problem wouldn’t have enough fingers to count. There are thousands of products or images that mention beauty and physical attractiveness. To be honest the importance of beauty has always been around us every step of the way. For instance little girls playing with dolls or dress up is an example. We follow and look up to our mothers as role model and beauty figure. Another example is when little boys see their fathers put on a tie or watch them tie their shoe. As we grow up, our parents teach us about the importance of hygiene. Which is shown through baths, brushing teeth, brushing hair, and etc. The importance of appearance in our lives can determine our lifespan and can be beneficial in other ways.

In order to understand how it can be beneficial, we must first test how. The test will determine on whether looks can change your life, and make your life a little easier. We already know that appearances matter in society, but can we prove that there is a major difference between two categories of appearances? A helpful advisor that made this experiment more understandable was Dr. Gordon Patzer. He will be the one interpreting each experiment and sharing input in order for us readers to understand. Dr. Gordon is very experienced in physical attractiveness.
Dr. Gordon Patzer is a dean of the College of Business Administration at Roosevelt…

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