Importance Of BIOS

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All modern computers use BIOS today. BIOS, which stands for Basic Input Output System, is one of the most basic functions a computer performs when it starts. It is used within the computer to manage the boot procedure and test for drivers required to start a computer. The purpose of BIOS is to test if all essential hardware components are present and working in order for it to load an operating system from internal storage to RAM. BIOS is a chip which contains instructions that allow a computer to work properly after it loads an OS (operating system); it resides in the motherboard of the computer. CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) is another important part of the BIOS program. CMOS is a memory chip that stores BIOS settings and …show more content…
(4) One reason BIOS is an important part of the computer is because without it, the CPU would not know how to interface with other parts in a computer and as a result the computer would not work. BIOS creates a link with the CPU and all other components on the motherboard because it makes sure they function together to make the computer work properly. In addition, BIOS loads drivers for the computer components and adapter cards as well. For example, BIOS instructions allow fans to spin and monitor to display things because through BIOS they were able to make a connection to the CPU and power supply to work. Input and output system is crucial for a computer since it "defines the rules for communications between the CPU and the other devices attached to the computer via the motherboard.” (6) One of several features in BIOS is security. In most BIOS versions, an option to set a password is available to protect the BIOS from being reconfigured by unauthorized user. BIOS does not depend on an operating system to work nor does it require it since it is built-in to the motherboard of the computer rather than installed. Lastly, now knowing the boot process and how BIOS works and how it interacts with the computer, we now know why BIOS is important for the PC and can only imagine how difficult or impossible it would be to use a modern computer without

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