Importance Of Aircraft Stability

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Before we get into conflict that, computers maintain the stability of an aircraft without the need of pilots, let us first explain, what is the meaning of aircraft stability? In addition, how there is an unstable aircrafts?
Stability is how aircraft corrects for conditions like turbulence or flight control inputs , in another meaning , stability is the ability to keep the aircrafts in the chosen altitude and for aircraft, there are two types of general stability: static and dynamic.
In civil aircrafts , we only care about performance not stability but that does not mean that stability of a civil aircrafts is not important especially in case of extreme conditions like weather conditions and bird strike
The pilot has direct control only of the
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The motion is so slow that the effects of inertia and damping forces are very low. The entire phugoid oscillation may be regarded as the slow interchange of kinetic and potential energy about some equilibrium level, the aircraft trying to establish the equilibrium CLV2 = constant from which it was …show more content…
When an aircraft rolls around the longitudinal axis, a sideslip is introduced into the relative wind in the direction of the rolling motion. Strong lateral stability begins to restore the aircraft to level flight. At the same time, somewhat weaker directional stability attempts to correct the sideslip by aligning the aircraft with the perceived relative wind. Since directional stability is weaker than lateral stability for the particular aircraft, the restoring yaw motion lags significantly behind the restoring roll motion. The aircraft passes through level flight as the yawing motion is continuing in the direction of the original roll. At that point, the sideslip is introduced in the opposite direction and the process is

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