The Right To Healthcare

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The right to healthcare is an internationally recognized human right. All the world nations and various international governing bodies like WHO should put their maximum efforts in providing minimum basic healthcare requirements to people all over the world. Before going further, we should know few key terms like health and health care law. According to WHO (world health organization), Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Healthcare law regulates the legislative, executive, and judicial rules and regulations that govern the healthcare industry.
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Health informatics is "the interdisciplinary study of the design, development, adoption and application of IT-based innovations in healthcare services delivery, management and planning"( The advent of information technology in healthcare domain has improved the quality and efficiency of the healthcare delivery system. The field of health informatics is closely related to various domains of healthcare like hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and patients.
Advantages of Healthcare Informatics (
Reduce paperwork - As all the data is electronically stored, this reduces paperwork and necessary forms to be completed. Even when you go to a new doctor, you can provide your EHR access to the doctor, so it saves time in documentation.
Faster claims process - EHR are easily exchanged between hospitals and insurance companies, the amount of time for the processing of claims will be reduced to a greater extent when compared with paper-based method.
Coordinates care and protect safety - If a doctor prescribe some medication to which the patient is allergic, EHR raises an alert tone regarding
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Data Analysis - Electronically stored medical and clinical data helps in data analysis, thus plays a major role in bringing new healthcare policies, medical education and research.
Access -Allows patient to access their medical data, and computer generated reports and suggestions regarding their medical status. Permit emergency room healthcare team to view the situation of an unconscious patient and also to get the patient’s medical record from a hospital. Care providers can reach their homecare patients via video conferences. Patients can access their medical records, they can go through their medical records and look for their medical status and also can get a computer generated medical opinions on their medical status. Instant approval, patients health plan can refer a specialist and schedule an appointment electronically.

The below are a list of popular healthcare laws in the country. Each law is described with relation to informatics involved in

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