Importance Of A Funeraleral

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Everyone has that one person that has impacted them in more ways than one during high school, whether it be a teacher, parent, family member or even a student. Rayven was a five-foot tall, Native American girl with a spicy attitude. She had the darkest hair and the deepest blue eyes you could imagine, and she could warm a room the second she flashed her gorgeous smile. There was no such thing as a bad day to her because “every day above ground is a good day,” as she would always say. I had just entered the halls of Mulvane High School as a freshman. Everything looked and smelt brand new to me. I could feel the excitement and nervousness pulsing throughout my body. I had my good friends by my side and it was the start of a new and anticipated journey for the next four years of my life. My second hour class happened to be Spanish which seemed intriguing but challenging. As I sat down I heard a loud voice echo through the …show more content…
I would never be able to get over not seeing her one last time. The funeral was best displayed as possible for a Native American funeral. One thing that stands out the most memorable about the funeral was when it was all over with there was a pack of tobacco in her casket. You were to pick up a pinch of it and drop it beside her in the coffin and it represents your last handshake. As a made my way up to the front where the coffin was placed, I looked in and saw her peacefully laying there. She was as gorgeous as ever and I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. I was so close to saying it but something came over me and it was more powerful than anything I had felt before. I had a rush of memories come flooding back to me and I just stared blankly at her. This was it. This was the last time I’d ever see her on this earth. Feeling close to paralyzed, I grabbed my sister’s hand and reached for the tobacco. As I slowly dropped it beside her, I said the words “I love you Ray baby,” and walked

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