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Mattresses do not need much maintenance, regardless of the mattress. But just as for upholstered furniture "settle" the material in mattresses - it affects neither support abilities or buoyancy. You can counteract the material put out by turning the mattress frequently. Switching between both head and foot and front and back if possible.

Box Springs has a loose mattress and it should also be reversed. Many mattress can not withstand washing. Check for washing instructions or ask ILVA. If you use the drag-fitted sheet over the mattress mattress should lie on top of pull-on sheet. Cover the mattress with a normal sheet. If you add mattress directly on the frame mattress and then cover both with a pull-on-the sheet
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You can remove stains on the bolster withstand remover which in many cases can be pure, demineralised water.

It is important that the mattress is ventilated. It is not enough to air several times a day, the mattress may not be on a compact base that allows the moisture can not evaporate. Hardboard and the like under the mattress can cause moisture damage, manifested in the form of dark spots of mold or fungus. The more compact the mattress, the more ventilation is needed. Foam and latex is good material with good sleeping comfort, but they require good ventilation in the room.

Many mattresses are placed in beds with adjustable bottom. They can be raised and set manually or electrically. The mattress must be suitable for such stages. If the mattresses in a double bed can be set independently of each other, there must be some air between them, which means they can not be laid close to each other.

Note that some adjustable bottoms can not tolerate sitting on the corners when they are raised. Question ILVA what your adjustable base stand.
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Hourglass-shaped springs are connected by steel springs. Provides limited support and is relatively hard. Used primarily in the bottom of boxmadrasser.

Pocket spring
Flexible, point-elastic metal spring, each spring is separately encapsulated in a cloth bag. Each spring works individually, and gives your body excellent support. The amount of spirals and the barrel-shaped design provides a superb suspension and extra durability.

Multi Pocket Spring
The same construction as pocket spring but with smaller diameter, providing space for more feathers per m2. The smaller spring diameter and the many spirals combined with the spring design provides an outstanding spring effect. High bearing capacity and great point elasticity gives the body optimal support and incredible comfort.

5 zones
Several of spring systems in Ilva mattresses comprises 5 zones. This means that the mattress is made of feathers of different thickness, with individual pressure sensitivity, which gives the body optimal support. For example, the springs under the hips more than the springs under the shoulders. So you get the best possible support - and the best possible sleep.

Temperature sensitive

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