Preschool Program Importance

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Importance of Preschool Programs
The priority of preschool programs has become a national concern due to the establishments of public prekindergarten programs throughout all the states. The introduction of structured learning environments is the new focus of prekindergarten programs. The connections between early childhood programs and kindergarten programs are key elements in helping bridge the transition gap (Skouteris, Watson, & Lum, 2012). Parents sometimes only have vague ideas of what school readiness really is and how to promote it (Belfield, & Garcia, 2014). With or without parental involvement preschool provides have the potential to replace or complement school readiness (Belfield, & Garcia, 2014). The result of several studies
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Effective teachers should show leadership qualities and be able to communicate and lead the group to set goals (Wan-Xuan, & Kuo-Wei, 2015). Leadership style teaching will help create more interactive learning environments and keep children motivated to learn. Leadership qualities are not limited to high academics but also to moral qualities they express in the classroom (Wan-Xuan, & Kuo-Wei, 2015). Teachers all take different roles in the classroom and ones that can find ways to create a learning environment through all aspects of play and learning see less classroom management issues throughout the year resulting in consistency and expectations being met. The classroom runs smoothly with children understanding the environment expectations and teacher goals for the class. Teachers can all employ different leadership styles without causing negative effects in the classroom but the role of confusion might be present if it is not consistent expectations (Wan-Xuan, & Kuo-Wei, …show more content…
Leadership style teaching will help create more interactive learning environments and keep children motivated to learn. Parents play the ultimate role in enhancing their child’s school readiness by deciding when and where to send their children for childcare prior to kindergarten (Belfield, & Garcia, 2014). More emphasis is being placed on the value of information sharing to better understand the needs of each child in their educational journey. Children start to gain social skills as well as academic skills in preschool programs easing their transition to kindergarten where the academic rigor is intensified. Based on the results of several studies, one can conclude that educational preschool programs have increased parental awareness of what skills children need to possess prior to kindergarten. Finally, a child’s best chance of attaining academic readiness in kindergarten is enrollment in a structured preschool

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