Environmental Impacts Of GMO Research

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Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), are organisms that are genetically engineered in a laboratory by adding, deleting, or changing segments of its DNA (244). The goal is to place genes that produce certain proteins and code for certain desirable traits (such as rapid growth, disease resistance, or high nutritional content) into the genomes of organisms lacking those traits (261). Due to the lack of research, increase in herbicide, and crossbreeding contamination; GMO foods should be avoided.
The genetic alteration of plants and animals has been influenced for thousands of years through selective breeding. However, the techniques that are used to create today’s GM organism differ from selective breeding, whereas genetic engineering is more
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Genetically modified crops are capable of crossbreeding with non-GMO crops and can contaminate the genetic makeup of native crops. Contamination of GM crops negatively effect organic and non-GMO farmers due to unforeseen economic losses caused by Monsanto Company lawsuits. Farmers are being sued for having contaminated patented GMO’s in their crops. The economic risk of being sued has left many organic farmers to stop farming altogether, due to GM cross-breeding contamination to organic fields would leave these farmers unable to sell his or her produce as organic. As of 2010, Monsanto has launched 145 such lawsuits against several hundred farmers and farm companies and had reached out-of-court settlements with several thousand other farmers, resulting in payments of tens of millions of dollars. In 2011 organic farmers launched a class-action lawsuit against Monsanto to try to remove the threat of being sued for unintentional patent infringement. A U.S. Court of Appeals ruled in Monsanto’s favor in 2013. The organic food market will continue to suffer due to contamination from GM plants, because GM cross-breeding contamination seeds spread naturally, making these farmers susceptible to lawsuits and causing Chemical companies to control our seed and food

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