Implications Of Eutrophication Stimulate The Exploration Of Water Treatment Systems

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Implications of Eutrophication stimulate the exploration of water treatment systems

Amini, A., & Kim, Y., & Zhang, J., & Boyer, T., & Zhang, Q. (2015). Environmental and economic sustainability of ion exchange drinking water treatment for organics removal. Journal of Cleaner Production, 104(8), 413-421. Doi: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2015.05.056
Amini et al. emphasized that due to the soaring water demand and the enhanced comprehension of environmental consequences caused by water treatment, the need for advanced technical breakthroughs of water treatment, satisfying sustainability both environmentally and economically, is in the case of urgency. Authors, by employing life cycle analysis(LCA) assessment and cost analysis approach which concentrated on eight ion exchange water management systems, evaluated the influence of IX systems on environment and economy when utilized for elimination of organics. The findings indicated that the impacts resulting from the operational process of the treatment systems surpassed the impacts of the constructional stage and proved that FBR systems compared to CMFR designs, produce more negative outcomes on eutrophication, and ecotoxicity.

Dunne, EJ., & Coveney, MF., & Hoge, VR., & Conrow, R., & Naleway, R., & Lowe,
EF., & Battoe, E., & Wang, YP. (2015). Phosphorus removal performance of a large-scale constructed treatment wetland receiving eutrophic lake water. Ecological Engineering, 79(10), 132-142. Doi: 10.1016/j.ecoleng.2015.02.003
Dunne et…

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