Essay on Implementing Foreign Language And Education

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With the clear struggles and downfalls in the Oregon education system without a major overhaul of the system, Oregon children and families will continue to slip through the cracks. Currently, the Oregon educational system in not even meeting the State Board’s own goals set in place. Implementing the viable solution of foreign language study is no longer an option but a necessity. This is a program that should be made available to every elementary school child in Oregon. The program helps all children regardless of ethnicity or the economic level of the family. This will help families to build their capacities to fulfill their functions through providing a better education to children. Families pay taxes into the education system and should have a right to better educational options for their children. Providing foreign language in the school does not take over family responsibilities. It merely supports the family with better preparation for the child’s future (Family Impact Institute, n.d.). Implementing foreign language programs in elementary schools could have a financial impact on families. The cost of hiring bilingual teachers could be greater and additional funds could be needed for training. This could impact the family through tax increases or extra school fees. These financial insecurities would be more present with the low-income population. The low-income population is effected by low wages and unemployment, which is often stems from not graduating high school.…

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