Implementing Change Paper

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Implementing Change Paper
Victoria Bullock
January 21, 2013
Kathie Huttegger

Implementing Change Paper
Managers have to bring changes into a company because some of the old ways of doing order or working with employees need to change. The manager responsibility is to make sure the changes which the company is implementing are done at a right pace and all the employees know the reason for the change. Some people at an organization are use to one way and not want to settle for anything they are not use to. It is up to the manager to change the minds of the individuals who do not want to make the change. The manager has to show the older way of the company is in need of change and if they do not change, it
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Management occupation is not to force workers challenge to get far ahead. First, managers must give a large amount of information before it time for the real modification is due. Second, managers must completely notify the distress workers of the cause behind the alteration. Third, managers must do perform all feasible to refine workers concern about the transformation. Fourth, managers have to give workers amp amount of time to think about how the adjustment will influence them, the company as a total, and the consumers. In other words, employees who get understandable facts about if the change would exactly affect the company and workers position within it will understand changes considerably enhance than workers who do not get this facts. Management need to give as much facts about a recommend modification as they can, still if there will be some negative reactions (Baker, 2011).
Steps of the changing process
Step 1: Assessment Assessment includes the group of information to indentify trouble with the company. Assessment also include organize key shareholder to gather the necessary information to recognize the situation at the organization.
Step 2: Planning Planning require getting as one the union workers to create a deliberate arrangement that contain a reason type for how trouble will be solve. The deliberate arrangement also contain facts

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