Implementation Of The New Practices The Three Step Change Model

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To aid in the application of the new practices the three-step change model should be considered. The idea behind this model is that the desired change was identified through an assessment process (McLean, 2006, p.323). Which, is why this model is appropriate for Target since its need to increase consumer information security would have been identified through statistical process control. To perform the three-step change model the organization the steps are to unfreeze, move, and refreeze (McLean, 2006, p.323). The first step to unfreeze occurs by the OD professional removing its self from the issue through education, awareness, and experience (McLean, 2006, p.323). The second step is to move Target into the desired direction, which would be an increase in the security levels of consumer information. This is done by the implementation of the proposed intervention techniques. Once the intervention is complete and Target has reached its ideal security level than the company shall be refrozen. This is the final step and is considered the adoption phase. This phase is when Target will set its culture or organizational practices into place. This phase is essential because it will decrease the likelihood of the company reverting to its original state and gives rise for the desire change to be distributed throughout the entire organization (McLean, 2006, p.323). The execution of change through the three-step change model helps to encourage the transformation of Target as…

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